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Boston Trucking Services: Get local or long haul trucking from or to Boston, MA. Heavy loads dock to dock or those which require inside pickup and delivery are easily expedited when you call Boston Trucking... Based just minutes from downtown Boston, Logan International Airport, Route 93, and the Mass Pike, you can count on fast response. 

We operate cargo vans, box trucks and straight trucks. If you require temporary storage, this too can be arranged. Give Boston Trucking a call today!

Boston Courier Services:
For small packages or file boxes, our courier division is readily available to expedite to all points New England, NY, NJ and PA. In most cases our clients tend to utilize our same day service, however it is not uncommon for a customer to arrange for a hand delivery to arrive at 8:00 AM to any address within 550 miles of Boston. In such a case we provide hand delivery - no consolidation. This guarantees that your shipment is picked up and our driver will travel overnight. Upon delivery you will receive delivery conformation via email or by one of our Customer Care professionals (by telephone).

In addition to small packages we specialize in medical deliveries. Whether it be equipment or specimens, we cater to area Hospitals, Labs and businesses working in the health care industry. Our couriers receive training in OSHA regulation, customer care and the handling of dry ice. All of our vehicles are equipped with dry ice containers and in a moment's notice can easily respond to a pickup requiring dry ice. In Boston we are the only courier who has made such a commitment to Medical Laboratories throughout Greater Boston. This is in large part due to our courier affiliation with usground, New England's largest same day courier company. We are proud to be an approved courier agent of usground.

Courier, Trucking Discount Program:
We are pleased to announce a truly unmatched courier discount program for new clients. Again this is the result our being an approved agent of New England's largest courier company. Click here to sign up for a 15 to 25 percent discount per courier pickup and delivery request (when ordering online)

2011 Boston Trucking Equipment and Facility Facts:

  • 24' Straight Trucks: 12
  • With Tail Gate: 8
  • Cube Vans: 2
  • Cargo Vans: 12
  • Cross Docking: Yes (4)
  • Warehouse: Yes (28,000 SF)
  • Short Term Pallet Storage Space: Yes (Up To 200 Pallets)
  • Available Long-Term Storage Space: As of May 1, 2011 - 6,500 SF
  • Warehouse Location: Woburn, MA 01801
Boston Trucking Services -- Credit Cards Accepted
Courier and Trucking Contact Information:
Boston: 1-617-457-7800
Toll Free: 1-866-457-7800
Woburn: 781-938-3700
Toll Free: 1-800-698-9800